Why are some very smart people so quiet?

Smart people not only like being quiet but also being alone.

You don’t have many friends? Psychologists revealed that smart people are lonely.

  • Smart people are better at observing than most people. Most of the time, you will find that this kind of people like to sit in a corner and just silently observe everything around them. Although they don’t express themselves, their brains are actually running at high speed, which is one of the reasons why smart people so quiet.
  • Smart people don’t like to cause trouble. They know that they will be upset by unnecessary dilemmas brought about by dramatic events in life. They have enough of their own affairs, so they don’t need to ask for extra trouble. Others can think as they please, and smart people feel that there is no need to be accepted by everyone and get involved in right and wrong.
  • They do not need to and don’t want to prove their worth. When an individual is independent and powerful enough, he will be grateful for this little thing and be satisfied with everything he has, because this type of person can support himself without relying on others, and there is no need to prove to anyone.
  • Although they are very cautious in dealing with people, they can clearly recognize who is their true friend. So smart people will maintain their circle well, and will not easily allow new friends to enter at will, unless someone is as amiable as them. Note that amiable means that they have common ideas and express the same ideas and values.
  • The abilities of smart people are daunting. They are always alone, because they have a force that cannot be ignored. They are not afraid to tell the truth, and they wont blablabla…..
  • Their thoughts and actions are often difficult to understand. Most geniuses are mavericks, because of the different cognitive dimensions and the limitations of experience horizons, so few people can truly understand and accept them.
  • Smart people are focused on their goals. Sharing dreams and visions with people who don’t understand themselves can make them feel annoyed. So free communication is not in their world, and people always seem to feel that they seem to be nervous, but in fact they may just focus on their goals.

The above 7 reasons might will explain Why are some very smart people so quiet.

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