What is wrong with our society today?

Well, There will always be some voices in the society conveying some information, telling us what to do and what should we do, but we all have our own thoughts!

Here are some society lies we heard always:

  • If you have a safe job you have made it in life.
  • There is a certain age you should be married at.
  • You should listen to people older than you just because they are older than you.
  • If you don’t have a degree you can never get a job.
  • You should do what you are told.
  • There are some specific features that decide whether you are beautiful or ugly.
  • Pursuing your dreams is childish and a fantasy.
  • Earning money is hard.
  • Crying is a sign of weakness.
  • Confidence is something you are born with.

I just want you guys to know we all should have our independent thoughts.

Samuel Whyte

A psychology enthusiast, interested in movies, painting,psychology, hiking, workout etc.

Speaks Chinese and English.

Currently lives in Shanghai, China.

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