What are the behaviors of a confident person?

I have to introduce Phoebe Buffay in friends.

Phoebe used to be homeless, living on the streets, using cardboard boxes as his home, and relying on robbery for his livelihood, and robbed Rose.

Abandoned by her biological father and mother since she was a child, her adoptive mother committed suicide and wandered on the street, and had sex with her twin sister Ursula. The other party used her name in pornography. Her growth experience can almost make her the originator of the lack of love.

But she lived very, very confidently and calmly.

She plays the guitar, only knows a few chords, but gives each chord a unique and cute name. Singing and singing in the cafe, a magical comedy smelly cat runs through the whole acting career~

Even if she was driven out of the cafe and replaced by a professional resident singer, she calmly sat in front of the cafe and continued singing, never doubting her singing.

She is a vegetarian, considers herself a psychic, and has a different kind of emotion for everything in nature. She would do a lot of “weird things”, such as accidentally picking up the police officer’s ID, and before returning it back, pretending to be a police officer to punish the woman who “uses the body of the tree to wipe out cigarette butts”, forcing her to apologize to the tree; later fell in love with the police officer because He shot and killed a bird and broke up with him.

Those ridiculous “weird” characters in her only make me feel that she is vivid and full of charm.

She was poor and dressed rustic,

Monica and Rachel are entangled in their “parts of sex that are not so popular with the public” and refuse to admit it.

Phoebe was very calm, and when Monica and Rachel said she was a weirdo, she also readily accepted.

She couldn’t see other white lies about herself, or that she didn’t care about others’ opinions.

So she lives very cool.

The twin sister Ursula used her name to make a pornographic film, causing her to make a fool of herself. She simply went to Ursula’s company to receive the “Phoebe” salary. The people in the cafe mistakenly identified her as a pornographic woman, and looked at her frequently. She yelled confession unscrupulously, and satirized the other side by the way. Monica and Rachel fought hard because of a trivial matter, she simply grabbed them by the ears and separated them.

She is so cute.

I think the people who are least inferior should be the kind of people who should be inferior under the influence of various objective conditions, but live happily and attractively.

She did not struggle in the cage of “not good enough”, she did not fall into the trap of “jealousy of others’ superior life”, but rather calmly and naturally accepted what she really was.

She is the most confident person I have ever seen even if Phoebe is just a character in friends.

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