How can I be happy?

Good relationships can make people happier and healthier, not wealth, fame, or harder work.

and Stay healthy, because most of us will not be happy anyway if we are sick.

A TED talk, “75 years of research at Harvard, where does happiness come from?
The content of the speech comes from the research results of the Harvard Study of Adult Development.
The research project started in 1938 and closely followed the lives of 724 people, year after year, to learn about their work, family life, health, etc.
The research objects are divided into two groups. One group consisted of 268 second-year students from Harvard University, and one group consisted of 456 young people from Boston’s most difficult and poorest families.
The research team conducted close follow-ups, frequent interviews and physical examinations. In recent years, research has also included brain scans, blood draws, and interviews with subjects’ spouses and adult children.
For decades, they have entered all levels of society. Became a worker, a lawyer, a bricklayer, a doctor, and another became the President of the United States. Some have become alcoholics, some have schizophrenia. Some people go straight up from the bottom of society, and some people fall into the clouds on the contrary.
When Professor Robert Waldinger gave a speech, only 60 of the 724 people were alive, and they were still participating in the research. Most of them were over 90 years old.
After 75 years of research and tens of thousands of pages of data records, the Harvard research team got the clearest conclusion:
Good relationships can make people happier and healthier, not wealth, fame, or harder work.

  • The good life is built with good relationship.
  • Humor is the vitamin of life, keep a sense of humor.
  • Stay healthy.
  • Actively block negative news and shocking news.
  • Sleep with satisfaction.

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