What’s the biggest mistake you’ve watched someone make in their personal life?

A friend of mine was defrauded of his savings of 70,000 dollars by a girl he liked.

My friend has never gone to college, but he works very hard. He did the most basic work in the factory, ten hours per day, and only two days of vacation per month.

He and that girl met in the facotry and my friend told me they two were in a relationship. Well, I don’t doubt that at first, but I feel this girl was not taking their relationship seriously when we had dinner together. I warned my friend but he was just pissed because of my word…

This girl is from another province and we barely know her. She lied to my friend to marry him, but he needs to pay the girl’s parents 70,000 US dollars. Basically, the man needs to pay the women’s parents if they are getting married, It is a kind of custom in China, but When I knew about this thing, I felt very unreliable. I advised him to be cautious. Coz his money was not coming easily.

He didn’t listen to me and even felt very happy about this fake marriage. I can’t believe that he is so stupid.

After he gave the money to the girl, the girl run away in the night.. THIS IS SO BITCHY.

When he lost all his saving and the girl, He felt like he had lost his soul, and he had no desire to work after that. He had no place to live after he resigned. I suggested letting him live in my house for a period of time, but he refused. So he lived on the street and slept on a stone bench in the park at night. He would stuff his mobile phone and a wallet with no money but a bank card ID in his pants and tighten his belt so that things would not be stolen when he fell asleep.

I helped him to ask police for help, but the girl was missing. And he stopped contacting me gradually, I was worried about him but He is just so stubborn.

He used to be influenced by online comments. He believed that women were chased by spending money. He believed that women only looked at money, so when he met a girl he liked, he kept spending money, and was finally cheated by that girl. Then he feels like the sky is falling down, got so upset.

I just wanna warn you guys do not get influenced by the cyber languages and do not give up hope for life for the bad relationships we ever had. Be smarter.

Samuel Whyte

A psychology enthusiast, interested in movies, painting,psychology, hiking, workout etc.

Speaks Chinese and English.

Currently lives in Shanghai, China.

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