What is the rudest thing you’ve done that you didn’t regret?

This might be the ruddest thing I’ ve ever done.


Well, here is a story of mine:

When I was in high school, It was a private high school. I had a male classmate whose family was very wealthy. His father often donated money to our school.

This classmate was often defiant and ran into teachers and classmates everywhere, he is so aggressive and have no manners but the strange thing was that he was still in a relationship with a girl in our class). I don’t get it why this girl wanted to date him.

The thing is Once in class, I couldn’t remember exactly what subject it was. It should be English. Our English teacher is very young and should have just started her career. While in class, this rude and unreasonable boy started quarreling with this girl. The voice was extremely loud, which seriously violated classroom discipline. Even more frightening was that the boy began to pick up his steel chair and hit the girl on the body, one after another. The girl kept crying and the English teacher was immediately scared. The classmates and teacher couldn’t stop the bad boy at all, so they went to the school police. But it’s impossible for the school police to stop the boy in the classroom right away coz there is a long diatance from classroom to school police station. While I’m relatively strong, I’m not afraid to fight with the rich boy in the family. I immediately rushed to stop this rude boy and used my own chair hit him back and finally he surrendered. He couldn’t beat me and kept begging for my mercy.

I asked him to apology to his so-called date( the girl ), and send the girl to the hospital immediately cause The girl was bleeding and get injured vrey bad.

I can’t help to beat him when I see him beating the girl. I broken his nose and one of his arm. He had a broken bone coz my rude behaviors, The most annoying thing is I get EXPELLED in the end.

I feel like his father made the leaders of that school did that to me,

I am so pissed even toady when I am writhing these here.

I was rude in that fight , I admit, but I am NOT regret at all. You can fight with me but you never should beat a girl. and sometimes violence is necessary.

Samuel Whyte

A psychology enthusiast, interested in movies, painting,psychology, hiking, workout etc.

Speaks Chinese and English.

Currently lives in Shanghai, China.

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