What is the example that nature can be so cruel?

**The cruelest example is all around us. According to statistics, malicious predation by outdoor cats has caused a total of 33 species to become extinct.**
**In many cases, cats hunting birds are not really for predation, but purely a game of killing.**
Countless people, including me, like cats. However, in addition to pet cats kept at home, there is also a kind of outdoor cat. Outdoor cats include two major categories: stray cats and wild cats. Stray cats are mostly cats abandoned by humans, while wild cats have lived in the wild since they were born.、
According to statistics, there are 600 million cats in the world, of which there are about 200 million outdoor cats (the United States alone has 30-40 million cats).
Compared with domestic cats, outdoor cats are also very cute, **but under their cute appearance, there are killer instincts hidden.**

The wild cats are equipped with sharp claws that are as fast as lightning and flint, and extremely agile bodies. In many cases, wild cats are beneficial to humans, because just a working cat raised in a barn can kill a large litter of voles in the bud. But more often, their killer attributes will cause terrible troubles to other animals, including the entire ecosystem.

Because these wild cats are a nightmare for various birds and small mammals.

There used to be a cat named Tibbles. In 1896, it was brought to an isolated island in New Zealand by its owner. With his own power, Tiberus slaughtered all the Stephens Island wren (Stephens Island wren) on the island, a delicate, flightless bird, rare in the world, they only exist here. On the island. Yes, just a cat makes a species extinct on this planet forever.

 Above is the drawing of Stephens Island wren.

Most cats do not have the lethality of Tibbles, but according to the data provided by the Wildlife Society and the American Bird Conservancy, any outdoor cat around you, every week Both can kill two animals. I think many people have seen birds and mice that have their heads beheaded. Well, these are the masterpieces of cats.

Bird expert Pete Marra and colleagues used mathematical modeling methods to analyze 50 years of data on predation by local cats and tried to estimate how many animals an outdoor cat in the United States could kill in a year. When the data was calculated, everyone was shocked: Outdoor cats within the United States alone can kill 2.4 billion birds and 12.3 billion small mammals in a year. This far exceeds the number of bird deaths caused by human influence (such as pesticides, bird catching, etc.). (For comparison, one of the largest bird hunting cases in China was 100,000.)

In addition, cats excrete more than 1.2 million tons of feces each year, a large part of which may carry various germs.

In China, the situation is equally bad. Bird watchers at the Temple of Heaven in Beijing saw a precious bird being eaten by cats. For bird lovers, this scene is simply heartbreaking.

According to statistics, malicious predation by outdoor cats has caused a total of 33 species to become extinct.

In many cases, cats hunting birds are not really for predation, but purely a game of killing.

Some people may say that cats are already occupying the upper level of birds in the food chain. Do they prey on birds that are justified? However, the fact is that humans’ preference for cats has led to their overwhelming numbers, thus endangering other species, becoming “invasive species” and endangering the ecological balance. (Invasive species, that is, alien species, do not necessarily have to be alien, even if they are on the same piece of land, they do harm to other organisms’ ecology.)

In other words, it is humans who project their fears and preferences on cats and impose heavy morals on them. Tibbles is just a cat that acts by intuition. it doesn’t know what ecological balance is and what is species extinction. It is humans who indirectly choose a certain species to have more power to survive, and cause other species to be killed by this species indiscriminately. In order to correct their mistakes, human beings can only reverse this species.

But do humans really have the power to decide whether a cat or a bird is more worthy of living on this planet? Such questions are really cruel as well as the malicious predation .

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