What are some interesting random facts?

  • Lobsters do not die of age.

Humans have always pursued immortality, and lobsters can easily do it. If a lobster does not get sick, does not meet a person who loves lobster, and does not fight with other fish, shrimps, it will not die because of its own aging, but will only grow bigger. The oldest lobster was temporarily found 132 years old.

  • People cannot keep their eyes open when they sneeze.
  • When we cut onions, we won’t cry if chewing gum.
  • The human heart can produce a pressure that sprays blood up to 30 feet high.
  • Sleeping consumes more calories than sitting and watching TV.
  • The tongue of a giraffe is 2 feet long.
  • There are actually more bacteria in your keyboard than in the toilet.
  • The gender of an oyster will change from male to female, and it will change several times in its lifetime.
  • It rains diamonds on Jupiter. 
  • The animal with the most teeth is the snail, and the “shredder” hidden in their mouth has 25,000 teeth.
  • Wearing headphones for one hour can increase the bacteria in the ears by 700 times.
  • The most powerful muscle in the human body is the tongue.
  • People breathe about 100 million times a year.
  • Human embryos have fingerprints when they are three months old.
  • The shortest highway in the world is only one meter in length. This shortest highway was built by a Romanian businessman with a fund of five thousand US dollars. The purpose is to satirize the Romanian government. Romania’s national highway is only 806 kilometers long.
  • The light bulb can be put in the mouth, but there is no way to take it out unless we go to the hospital.

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