What’s the funniest thing that has ever happened to you?

Do not put that object into your mouth!

In the UK, there is a warning on the wrapping paper of the light bulb: Do not put that object into your mouth. Where would anyone put this object into your mouth? The British are all idiots… tell you, Everything could’ve happen in the world!

One day I watched TV with an Indian friend at home. I talked to him about this. He told me that their elementary school textbooks also mentioned that the light bulb would get stuck after being put in the mouth, and it would be impossible to take it out no matter what. He was quite sure that the book said that, but I doubt it. I think the surface of the bulb is very slippery. If it can be put in the mouth, it proves that the mouth is big enough to let it in and out, theoretically it can also be taken out. But this Indian idiot only said that in the book, he must be correct. I was irritated by his non-explanatory attitude. I said he was stupid; he said I could not read English. We quarreled.

I went back home in a hurry, picked up a normal-sized light bulb and thought about it on the bed, always thinking that I was right. Thinking of the ignorance of this Indian friend, it is also in the spirit of a scientist-bold assumptions and careful verification. I decided to prove it to him. Of course, I also took safety measures: I bought a sprig of vegetable oil and went home. If it gets stuck, drain the oil, I don’t believe it won’t slip out!

Everything is ready, and then I just put the bulb in my mouth without any hesitation:(

It takes less than 1 second to slip into the mouth, which is easy. There is no problem in taking it out in this way. I thought this Indian idiot, look at the wisdom and courage of my Chinese! Not like you nerd. Thinking of China’s victory over India, I laughed from my heart, haha!

So I pulled the light bulb easily… OK! I put more effort… O.K~ I opened my mouth a little bit bigger… Don’t be afraid, I opened my mouth as wide as possible and put a little more force (be careful not to break the light)… Damn! Really stuck inside! ! Fortunately, there is vegetable oil…

After 30 minutes… I poured 3/4 sticks of oil, half of which was poured into my belly, and the bulb still didn’t move. At this time, I had to call for help…

Just as I pressed it halfway, I remembered that there was a light bulb in my mouth… How can I speak?

Now I had to ask the neighbor for help, and after writing a note, I went to the old woman next door. She called for help as soon as she saw me, and I immediately showed her my note: Please call me a taxi and tell the driver to take me hospital. (Please call me a taxi and tell the driver to take me hospital. ) She laughed loudly after about 1.75 minutes…

After 15 minutes, the taxi came. When the driver saw me, he laughed for a while (in fact, he never stopped), and kept asking me why I did this in the taxi (WTF, how do I answer him?), and kept saying that my mouth was too small. There is no problem with his mouth. I think his mouth is really big, but I really want to tell him, don’t try anyway, but I can’t speak! I looked at his rearview mirror, and I seemed to be stucking a goldfish in my mouth.

In the hospital, I was scolded by the nurse for more than ten minutes, saying that I was wasting their time. I have to stand in a long line. I stayed in the crowd for 2.5 hours…2.5 hours…The painful wounded people didn’t seem to have any pain when they saw me, and everyone secretly laughed. I think I still have some effect…

The doctor put the cotton flowers on both sides of my mouth, then broke the bulbs and took them out piece by piece. My mouth is very swollen. Finally, he told me not to try next time, and told me other people’s experience… I told him that I must not. When I left the hospital, I was thinking that there must be no idiotic creature like me on this earth.

When I opened the door and left, a person greeted me, the taxi driver just showed up…

He has a light bulb in his mouth. LOL!!!

Samuel Whyte

A psychology enthusiast, interested in movies, painting,psychology, hiking, workout etc.

Speaks Chinese and English.

Currently lives in Shanghai, China.

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