What is the most interesting fact that you know and I don’t, but I should?

* On average, Greek couples have sex 138 times a year, ranking first in the world, while Japan, the last one, has an average of only 45 times a year.
* Boys are most disgusted by girls’ chattering complaints, and girls are most disgusted by boys being silent.
* Love words are more pleasant to the left ear.
* The 72-hour rule: If the first date is successful, 97% of men will call the date again within 72 hours.
* Kissing requires 146 sets of muscles.
* It only takes 4 minutes to judge whether you like someone.
* Small fights between couples help maintain intimacy.
* Asking for opinions will make a person like you more.
* Watching romantic movies together is able to reduce the divorce rate.
* People who don’t have a pet cannot understand the importance of pets. Also, those who have not had a funeral cannot understand the sadness of those whose relatives have died. This is called empathy gap, which is a kind of cognitive bias.
* Lovers with low blood sugar are more likely to have disputes.
* Looking at the photos of your lover can relieve pain to a certain extent.
* A boy spends an average of a whole year looking at girls in his life.
* Husbands who are used to kissing their wives every morning live about 5 years longer than those who are not.
You can’t breath through your nose, with your tongue out.
Choosing a good dating location is super important to build a relationship.
If marrying your best friend, the risk of divorcing can be reduced by more than 70%.
People who are ready to cheat usually look up at the invigilator first.
If you are on the phone more than an hour when you are in love, the earwax in your ears will increase by about 700 times.
Many girls think that boys should know what they are thinking. This is called illusion of transparency.
Kissing for 10 seconds can exchange up to 80 million bacteria, which can help digesting food and fight infection.
When you see the one you love, your pupils will dilate.
The probability of finding your right one in a dark place is 20% higher than in the light.
The probability of the first love having a happy end is only 1%.
**Note: The answer comes from Internet and I have contacted the author and got the permission of posting these.*

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