What things can tell a lot about a person?

1. Give them free things more than 2-3 times and you will know their true character.

2. Observe whether they ask questions for gossip or growth.

3. Observe whether their words and actions are bound. If they are say something but didnt do it, don’t listen to them.

4. Through your intuition.

Your intuition is actually the reaction of your limbic brain to subconscious cues, while your conscious brain has not yet realized it. So, sometimes I believe your first instinct.

5. The way they treat waiters and subordinates

How does he treat a person who does not harm his interests? This can reveal his nature.
6. The way they deal with criticism

If a person is unable to accept criticism from others, or even furious, the person may be very conceited.

7. His social circle

Gathering people in groups by things, what his friends are like, what he is like.

8. Their body language

Unless he has been trained to hide his body language, you can read the person’s heart from his body language. For example, looking down at the floor during interviews and appointments is a sign of tension.

9. How is his money distributed?

Whether he spends his money on playing games, eating, drinking and having fun, or on future investments, this can reveal his values, and you can find out whether your values are appropriate through this.

10. See how he reacts under stress

A person’s character is affected by the primitive family, and it may be possible to disguise it under normal conditions, but under some pressure conditions, the person’s original character will reflect.
Basically, we could tell a lot about a person through the above ways.

Samuel Whyte

A psychology enthusiast, interested in movies, painting,psychology, hiking, workout etc.

Speaks Chinese and English.

Currently lives in Shanghai, China.

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