What is the biggest culture shock you have ever faced?

* In China, whether it is in movies, TV series, or comics, when characters need to cover their face, they always cover the lower half of your face. But the opposite is true in the United States.

* In China, at least renting a house in Beijing or  in a first-tire city is a last resort, everyone wants to buy a house but they can’t affordbuying one. They have to rent.

The house type is very terrible in China, and the house type was considered for the family when it was built; it did not take into account the feelings of renting a house, coz there is always only one bathroom. We have to share the bathroom with roomates

【United States】

Renting is also an attitude to life

The rental market in the United States is very prosperous. There are many apartments for rent, and the apartment types are very good. There are many 2b2b (two bedrooms, two bathrooms) apartment types.

* I have an American friend who came to live with me before because of the Covid-19 epidemic. 
**He came to China from the United States. **
After receiving a two-week quarantine period, he came to live in my home. At that time, the epidemic in China It has been well controlled, and everyone can go shopping, eat, etc. 
At that time, we went to a restaurant to have dinner together, and then we proposed to split the bill, as if it cost 218.96 RMB, and then he transferred me 109.48 RMB after the meal. It’s really a very precise number,
**Generally, we won’t do precise number to split the bill, we often give a rough number like 110 RMB when total is 218.96 RMB.**

* Salary: Americans always get paid more than Chinese. 

* We dont tip in China, While we have to tip in US. and dont refuse a doggie bag in US !!!

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