What are the most interesting facts about human behavior?

* You can get orgasm without having sex organs!
-Someone can orgasm by touching the eyebrows
——Someone can get orgasm by brushing their teeth! !
——Spine injury, people with symptoms of paralysis, a certain part of the body will become abnormally sensitive.
——Someone can orgasm with thoughts!
* Lazarus Reflex)-You can get an orgasm even if you die!
(Speaking of Lazarus, do you remember the action code in the detective Sherlock)
Because the dead also have spinal reflexes, orgasm can be obtained by electric shock.
* Orgasm can cause bad breath
In the Marriage Handbook written by Theodoor Van de Velde in 1930, it was mentioned that within an hour after a woman had intercourse, her mouth would smell like semen (
(By the way, this Theodoor Van de Velde is a connoisseur of semen in the true sense… He claims in the book that he can distinguish the taste of semen from young men and mature men) (young men have a pleasant taste) The man smells “like the scent of a Spanish chestnut tree”)
* Orgasm can cure hiccups
——So single hiccup patients can try to heal themselves by jerking off.
* Violence is not human nature, sympathy is human nature.
* When a person dies, their brain will replay their lifetime memories in the last few minutes.
* There are at least six people in the world who look exactly like you. In your life, you have a 9% chance of meeting one of them.
* Kissing releases oxytocin in the brain, oxytocin is a hormone that can strengthen the emotional bond between two people.
* Women are more easily to feel pain than men, and women are more tolerant of pain than men.
* Your brain will treat rejection as physical pain.
* The person who gives the best advice is often the person who has the most problems.
* Research have shown that laziness is only part of the life habits of young people, and laziness does not represent bad habits.
* Psychological research shows that it is difficult to convince oneself not to care.
* Introverts tend to be energetic when they are alone, and shy people tend to want to contact others when they are alone, but they cannot bear the distress of social interaction.
* * Humans can’t actually multitask. (Sorry, folks. It’s a common belief that humans can multitask, but this has been disproved by neuroscience time and time again. In fact, people can only attend to one cognitive task every time. A recent experiment conducted in this field determined that even college students could not deal with multiple different strings of information, rather, they could only focus on one set of data individually. )

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