What are some of the most widely circulated fake pictures?

**The photo of Marie Curie that everyone has seen is fake.**

I won’t introduce Madrie Curie too much. This above photo is very famous. It is used on stamps, souvenirs, online pictures and even the cover of Madame Curie’s biography. In fact, this photo was taken in 2001 by the photographer Paul Schroder and actress Susan Marie Frontczak in cooperation with the performance promotional photo, but in the end it was mistaken for a real historical photo and widely used.

The photo was taken with reference to the photo of Mrs. Curie in 1912, but it was accidentally mistaken for real. Of course, the two are very different:

The two photos below are real Marie Curie:

If we google Marie Curie, we will see fake photos directly.

**This fake photo has been misused not only in China, but also in many countries, whether it is books, newspapers, stamps, etc.**
I always feel her arms are very tired…
Next are some virtual pictures made by computers:(CG)

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