How do you know if someone is mature or not?

A young man in his early 20s was living with his father. The young man met a beautiful girl in the neighborhood and fell in love with her.

The father knew it though the young man was doing his best to hide it. Love became intense between the young man and the girl.

One evening, the girl was unwell and asked the young man to go and sit with her. It was hard for the young man to leave the house because the father was around.

The poor young man pretended to be sleepy and told his father he was going to bed. He went to his room, opened the window and sneaked to go be with the girl.

The father realized it when he heard someone opening the gate. He smiled to himself, took a stool and placed it outside the young man’s window.

On the stool he left a note saying, “Maturity is when you confidently declare your love to someone and defend it. Next time, use the door.”

Mature people are straightforward.

**From: Augustine Nyongesa.  If your copyright is violated, pls contaqct me to delete.*

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