What is something that completely blows your mind?

I have to introduce a performance art to everyone. The performance of this female artist (Abramović) really shocked me.

She was literally play the art with her live.

72 objects, Marina Abramović , Rhythm 0, 1974

In this performance art, the female artist experienced the most thrilling scene in her life. She posted a notice in the room, allowing the audience to choose 72 objects on the table at will to contact her.

Among these 72 items, there are delightful items such as roses and honey, but there are also dangerous appliances such as scissors, daggers, crossbows, and enema, and even a pistol with a bullet. During the entire performing arts process, the female artist numbs her body from the neck down, and then sits quietly in the room, which means that the audience has all the rights. The audience can do anything they want! Sounds crazy and creep.

The art performance lasted for a total of six hours. During the whole process, her clothes were torn to pieces. Someone cut her body with a knife. Someone pierced her abdomen with a rose. One audience even picked up the pistol on the table. Put the pistol into her mouth. This was her closest moment to death, but the shooting was prevented by another audience. Throughout the performance, her consciousness was clear and her eyes were tearful.

After the anesthesia ceased, she stood up from the chair. At this time, her body was scarred and her eyes were tearful. She slowly walked towards the audience and silently complained to them with her eyes. Facing the angry and sad eyes of the female artist, the audience began to panic, backed up and left.

In a later interview, Abramović said, “What I learned was that..if you leave it up the audience, then they can kill you.”

I could literally say that this art performance blows my mind coz Sometimes we have to admit that people can be really evil than we thought…

and I am just soooo impressed, I have to introduce with you guys

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