Who is Donald Trump’s base? Why is he popular? Why are people voting for him? Why do people like and support him?

I recently discovered something very scary: what Trump said even my nephew who was in junior high school could understand. **And my nephew is a Chinese (born and raised).**

I once watched a short video online-a Chinese website called Bilibili. It was probably about Obama and Trump’s speeches after the victory of the peacekeeping forces during their respective terms of office.

Obama: “Thanks to our soldiers for fighting bravely”

“Thanks to officials at all levels for their support”


Trump: “I know no one cares how much I have contributed, but it doesn’t matter, because I don’t care”

The barrage was all mocking Trump, thinking that comparing Obama to Trump was a dimensionality beat against Trump.

Unfortunately, I just happened to be dying of professional English recently. I downloaded Obama’s speech and listened to it repeatedly, and found some words that I had never heard of! I have always had the habit of reading, and I was confident about my vocabulary, but now I am a little skeptical of life.

I asked my nephew to watch Trump’s video. Basically, once Trump said a sentence, he could immediately translate a sentence. Although he didn’t know some words, he could even make a general guess.

My nephew has only junior high school English level! This is a terrible thing!
Imagine that you are an ordinary American. Your daily hobby is to play football, watch football and play games. After graduating from high school, you have basically not read any books, so the vocabulary is average, but it is enough for daily life.

Now on TV, there is a black president who is saying something in Barabara. There are many words you can’t understand, or you can understand every word, but the official tone makes your head big. You don’t know the person you thanked, and he didn’t explain all these thoughts to the public. After listening to him for hours, you finally understand that it is the United States who is fighting again.

So you cursed: “Damn, the tax that I paid so hard is used by you!”

A few years later, you still lack political knowledge, maybe it was a whim, and you turned on the TV again and switched to the news channel. The black man on TV was gone, replaced by an old chubby man with yellow hair.

Trump: “Under my wise leadership, we have created hundreds of thousands of jobs, and the unemployment rate in the United States has dropped again!”

You don’t actually know the major issues of the country, but you still understand the employment rate, so you start to have a good impression of him.
Trump: “I will build a wall at the border of Mexico, and illegal immigrants will not be able to take our jobs!”

You happened to be unemployed recently, and the capitalists didn’t tell you that they changed to a more efficient machine and didn’t need you anymore, so you have been puzzled about your unemployment. You obviously work very seriously!

It turned out that my job was taken away by Mexican immigrants! Trump did a good job and drove those damn guys out of America!

**Trump: “In this peacekeeping operation, I know that no one will care how much I have contributed, but it doesn’t matter, because I don’t care”**
**God, what a good president is this! Not only is he proficient in economics, he also leads soldiers to fight! And so humble, so indifferent to fame and fortune!**

During the presidential campaign, you did not know any of the other candidates, but you vaguely felt that Trump became more and more familiar with it.

Oh! It turns out I saw him on a talk show before! I have seen it in the movie!
So Trump is a terrifying person, because all Americans can understand his words!

Maybe his handling of international affairs is a mess, maybe the famous Americans look down on this upstart, but this does not prevent Trump from being re-elected.

The United States is a federal country, and the local governments of many states are even more prestigious than the federal government in the eyes of local people. For them, the federal government is a very distant existence. Like foreign countries, they don’t know which politicians are from famous politicians, and they don’t know who has the strongest actual ability. In fact, they are not interested in it. Voting depends on individuals. Preferences.

So every time you run for an election, all kinds of ghosts, ghosts and snakes come out. There are bragging, all kinds of bad checks, and feminist, racial equality, religious equality, a lot of them, only you can’t think of it. , Without them, there is always one suitable for you.

Trump’s ability to stand out from these weird guys at least shows that he can boast the biggest bullshit and write the biggest empty check. The face thicker than the wall is enough to attract our attention. (Not to mention that most of his promises have actually been fulfilled)

Weakness and ignorance have never been the biggest obstacles to human survival, arrogance is. When Trump makes some actions that seem to be “worry for IQ”, should we maintain instinctive vigilance?

Samuel Whyte

A psychology enthusiast, interested in movies, painting,psychology, hiking, workout etc.

Speaks Chinese and English.

Currently lives in Shanghai, China.

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