What disgusts you?

The other day I got off work and I took the subway. It was very late at about 8pm. In the subway car I was taking, a 30-year-old father was holding his daughter who might have just gone to kindergarten. 
Standing beside him was his wife. The little girl was eating a lollipop and was so happy. But what is a little strange is that the little girl is very quiet, without making a sound. I guess the little girl is dumb. 
The little girl’s mother told the little girl to behave, not to move, and to avoid kicking other people in the vehicle. Standing next to the family was a middle-aged man in his forties, and then the man slowly approached the little girl, squeezing the girl’s face while saying that it’s okay to kick it. The little girl was a little frightened and shrank to her mother’s side. I thought the man standing next to the little girl was weird. The perverted man saw that the little girl’s parents were looking at the phone intently, so he started to make further moves. Put his face to the girl’s side and want to kiss this young girl.
The little girl was so frightened, but she couldn’t make any noise. What’s more, this perverted pedophile started to take crazy actions. I noticed the man put his hand in his pants, unzipped the zipper, and started masturbating at the little girl. I was so sick that I couldn’t stand it anymore, so I pretended that the subway car was swaying, and took advantage of the situation to hit this abnormality farther. I reminded the little girl’s father, but the little girl’s father didn’t even take actions such as scolding or staring at him to express his dissatisfaction. It just looked embarrassing.

In short, what makes me disgusting is that besides the obscene behavior of a forty-year-old man to a little girl on public transportation, the so-called father is so weak. Let his daughter be bullied by perverts. This is simply a perverted behavior plus a complete cowardly behavior.

Finally, I hope the little girl can be healthy and happy.

Samuel Whyte

A psychology enthusiast, interested in movies, painting,psychology, hiking, workout etc.

Speaks Chinese and English.

Currently lives in Shanghai, China.

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