What’s the fastest you’ve wiped a smirk off of someone’s face?

Okay I got one.

On January 3, 2020, Li Wenliang (A doctor from a hospital in Wuhan) was arrested by the local Public Security Bureau(Wuhan City) for “publishing false statements on the Internet” (the content of this statement is probably to remind the new official the unknown virus may be contagious, and I hope you can take some measures to protect yourself.) The local police gave warnings and admonishments against him.

PS. That’s the very first beginning time of Covid-19.

And then,,,, Some days later, The Covid-19 outbreak around China.

On January 23,2020, The government locked down Wuhan City toally.

On March 19, 2020, the Wuhan police decided to revoke the letter of admonition against Li Wenliang and apologized to Li Wenliang and his family. The most ironic thing is that as a doctor in Wuhan, Li Wenliang died unfortunately due to the epidemic.

At that time, Almost all of Chinese are hurt by this thing.

A lot people died.


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