What are the creepiest paranormal experiences one ever had?

Sometimes human beings become superhuman when their physiological potential is suddenly and strongly stimulated.

ometimes human beings become superhuman when their physiological potential is

Share a story of my own.

I am a person with myopia of more than 500 degrees. It is difficult to take off my glasses in my daily life at home, and I cannot go out unless I wear glasses. This is the premise.

In the winter of 2015, I traveled to Northeast China with my mother. On the return trip, my aunt escorted us to the airport, and then we had a car accident on the airport expressway.

Our car was hit diagonally from behind by a taxi, overturned, slipped, and finally hit a telephone pole. The whole vehicle is scrapped.

The aunt suffered a serious brain injury and died on the spot. Mother had a comminuted fracture of her right thigh and an open fracture of her calf. The driver broke three tendons in his right hand. Only I am safe and sound.

It was the morning of the Spring Festival in Northeast China, and the temperature was over 30 degrees below zero. And I am a southerner. After my mother and I were dragged out of the car by emergency personnel, I took off the down jacket and placed it on the green belt full of snow, blood and glass slag, and let my mother lie on it. I just wore a sweater and returned my shoes, but I didn’t feel cold at all.

But the most terrible thing is not this.

The ambulance took us to the hospital. I didn’t have time to grieve, because as the only person who has the ability to move, I have too much to do. The hospital paid the money and the police made a transcript. My aunt’s body was to be pushed to the morgue. I needed to examine her body and collect all the remains. Then my mother took X-rays and urgently arranged surgery…

It wasn’t until my mother’s stretcher was pushed into the operating room that I had time to go to the toilet to wash the blood on my hands, face and body.

After I washed my hands, I looked up at myself in the mirror and found that it was a bit strange… When did my glasses disappear? ?

With myopia of 500 degrees, I didn’t have glasses for these two hours, but I didn’t feel that I couldn’t see clearly at all. I walked like flying in the hospital as if I had never been nearsighted. !

What’s more amazing is that the second I found out that I was not wearing glasses, I couldn’t see clearly again.

Later, I often think back, could it be that the surge of adrenaline (or some other hormone) temporarily cured my myopia in a short time?

Also, even though I was only fifteen years old, I didn’t really cry or panic after the incident. I was very clear in my mind. I could even describe it as calm in my heart, which is to do what I should do quickly.

(Since that experience, watching TV shows someone crying and crying after encountering a disaster, I think it’s very fake. People’s reaction is definitely not like that when they really encounter things.)

Until…. My uncle came to the hospital. The moment I saw him, my whole body seemed to collapse. I couldn’t cry and my legs became soft…

What is terrible is not only the car accident, the death of a loved one, but also this terrifying experience— the weird but scary experience.

Samuel Whyte

A psychology enthusiast, interested in movies, painting,psychology, hiking, workout etc.

Speaks Chinese and English.

Currently lives in Shanghai, China.

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