What is the most emotional picture you’ve ever seen?

  1. A condor is approaching a Sudanese child. Obviously the child is dying, and the condor is patiently waiting for a big meal. The child is crawling towards the UN Food Camp and no one knows what happened. The photo shooter Kelvin Carter won the Pulitzer Prize for this, but he committed suicide three months after the photo was taken.
  2.  World Press Photography Awards 1980: McWells, UK. The hand of a hungry boy and a missionary. Welsh was very angry about this photo. The photo has not been published for 5 months. The people in the photo are dying, but others used this photo to participate in the competition. He was very upset about winning the prize, and he refused to use photos of dying people to win the prize.

  3.  On April 26, 2013, a building named “Rana Shopping Center” in Sawar Town, a suburb of Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh, collapsed on the same day. This was the worst building collapse in Bangladesh’s history. This disaster It directly claimed the lives of more than 1,000 people and injured more than 2,000.

  4.  In the Victorian Forest Fire in Australia in 2009, a firefighter was feeding koalas with water.

  5. A dog sits on her master’s graveyard. Its owner was killed by the mudslide.

  6. Myles Scott, a 5-year-old leukemia boy, can finally realize his dream of becoming a “Batman”. In order to make the children’s dream of saving the world come true, a charity organization launched an event, with tens of thousands of volunteers co-starring, turning San Francisco into “Gotham City.” On the same day, the entire city of San Francisco was mobilized. With the cooperation of the San Francisco police, the mayor, and tens of thousands of people, Miles finally caught the “bad guys” and saved the “city.”

  7. Armenian old lady

    A miserable nation, but this determined look tells me that they will never surrender.

  8.  This is a photo of the scene of the world’s most famous terrorist attack “9/11”. The towering twin towers have become the burial place of many people.

    Since that day, the shadow of terrorism has been constantly projected in the hearts of people in many countries, hidden in their lives, and invisible threats are the most terrible.

    Our world may be some distance away from war and poverty, but they truly exist every minute and every second in our lives. They are cruelly staged on the remote land. War and poverty accompany the lives of suffering people like breathing.

    Although our world looks peaceful enough, everyone still needs to work hard to protect it.

    9. Marine garbages

    *Note: All pictures come from the Internet

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