What are the best mind bending films?

Hi everybody,

The plots of the movies listed below are very breathtaking, I only list the top five

Here we goes:

  • This is a Spanish suspense film,Called Contratiempo . This film will definitely shocks you by the end. The plots and twists in this film is amazing.
  • Andhahun – Best suspense movie of 2018. In order to participate in international competitions, the blind pianist earns money through private lessons on weekdays. In fact, his eyes are completely normal, but he hopes to experience a different life in this way. Because of an accident, Akash met the beautiful girl Sophie. With outstanding playing skills, Akash got a part-time job in a western restaurant run by Sophie’s father. His performance not only dumped the diners, but also captured Sophie’s heart. One day, Akash accepted the invitation of the mad film star Plummer to play a birthday celebration for his wife Simi, but he witnessed Plummer’s body lying in a pool of blood. The panicked Akash pretended to be calm. Although he temporarily deceived Simi and his lover, his secret was slowly exposed…
  • **Gone Girl **
  • La cara oculta – one of the best suspense movies in Colombia
  • The last one is called Les Traducteurs.            I thought it was a suspenseful theme of murder in a secret room, but after watching it, I realized that it was only part of the plot. The perspective of the unreliable narrator causes two successive reversals in the second half of the plot. This narrative method is like watching McEwan’s novels, where suspense and rhythm complement each other. Although it is the subject of criminal suspense, the topic revolves around the stakes between authors, publishers, and translators, and people have to experience the carefully designed suspense and reversal, leaving some moments of realistic thinking.

    Anyway, they are all worth watching. Enjoy!

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