What is the worst smell?

Whale explosion-The world’s largest biological weapon.

We all know that a whale sinks to the bottom of the sea after it dies, which is called Whale Fall.

Whale Fall refers to the phenomenon that a whale sinks to the bottom of the sea after it dies. When a whale dies in the ocean, its carcass will eventually sink to the bottom of the sea. Biologists give this process a whale landing. The carcass of a whale can support a circulatory system dominated by decomposers for a hundred years.

But not every whale can complete this final gift!

Some whales will float ashore after death, stranded and die.

Not only their skin will peel off , and then they will suffocate, and even swell their heads in the end.

The most terrifying thing is that when the carcasses of these whales become corrupted to a certain extent, they will become the world’s greatest biological weapons. Once their corpses exploded, they would fly in flesh and blood, emitting a huge stench.

In January 2004, a giant sperm whale floated off the coast of Tainan City, Taiwan. As the largest toothed whale in existence, the whale is also the largest toothed hunter. Its square head occupies one-third of the total body length, and its brain is five times that of a human.

According to estimates, this whale is about 17 meters long and weighs nearly 50 tons. It was also the largest cetacean found in Taiwan at that time. For the purpose of anatomical research, the relevant units decided to transfer it to a designated location.
But just moving it to the big truck took 13 hours. Not only did the flatbed trucks be used, but also 3 cranes and more than 50 workers were mobilized.

For fear of affecting the people, the time of delivery was chosen in the early morning hours. However, there are still many citizens who come to watch at the places where they pass. They want to see the demeanor of the behemoth in the sea.
When the truck was transported to the streets in the downtown area of Ximen Road, there was a loud noise. Like a bomb exploded, the intestines, fat and flesh and blood in the whale’s carcass splashed all over.

The pedestrians on the street were frightened and panicked, hiding their noses and fleeing.

The surrounding vehicles and shops were dyed red, bloodier than the murder scene. At the same time, the air was filled with the disgusting smell of corpses, like a stinking “blood rain”.

Fortunately, no one was injured because of this sudden explosion. But I am afraid it has also caused a psychological shadow on the people at the scene, as well as a bad smell that is difficult to get rid of for months.

At that time, the people on the street vomited and hurriedly covered their noses and fled.
After the incident, the people recalled and kept saying: “Really disgusting! The whole road was spurted with blood and internal organs! And it was smelly!”

In April 2014, the body of a blue whale was washed up on a rocky beach in a coastal town on Newfoundland. When humans discovered it, it had started to smell and swell and could explode at any time. To this end, the local government tried every means to clean up the blue whale carcass.
To ensure safety, they decided to conduct an open-mouthed dissection of the whale carcass. But in this process, the spoilage gas it releases may stink or poison people to death. Therefore, the dissection staff must be fully armed.

They usually wear gas masks and airtight waterproof overalls. You know, once you let the stench of corruption get on your body, you can’t get rid of it. Therefore, some people have included whale dissection as one of the top ten disgusting jobs in the world.

The worst smell-whale explosion


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