What psychological tricks work on most people?

watched a show at home the other day, the show is called Queer Eye: We’re in Japan

Shining Five-Antoni, Karamo, Tan, Jonathan and Bobby Bring their personal expertise to Tokyo to transform the protagonists in the episodes.

The protagonists of
each episode to be changed are all normal people. Their professions, genders,
interests and personalities are very different. I watched many episodes at once.
This show Queer Eye: We’re in Japan is really meaningful, and it coincides with today’s topic. I won’t go into too
much detail about this play, let’s  talk
more about the psychological skills that apply to most people in episodes.

As for most people, so
according to the proportion, there are still more ordinary people. The show I
mentioned above- Queer Eye: We’re in
,What impress and move
me most is the change that Shining Five brought to these protagonists, these normal
people are just like us, total pedestrians like us.

I saw them retrieving
their confidence and life back, and also saw that we all have our own problems
and they needed to be voiced. There will be so much more ahead of them. And I
wish them and us all have a good life. Viva la vida.

As far as I know, East
Asian culture is relatively introverted and reserved, and sometimes even tends
to be inferior. The protagonist of the show collides with the confident, lively,
and outgoing shining group of five people and has a wonderful chemical
reaction. In addition to warmth, the feeling after watching is a lasting touch,
way far beyond sympathy.

So, what is it that
makes the protagonist who was originally introverted, unconfident or even inferior,
has a qualitative change in just one week, and thus seems to became confident, outgoing,
full of positive atmosphere?

Is it just because the
Shining Five carefully matched outfits, made hairstyles, and skillfully
decorated their living environment for these normal people? In fact, it’s not.
The point is through communication, Shining Five brought psychological hints to
protagonists: “you are great, you deserve to be loved”.

Be and love yourself.
You deserve it.

we can make
psychological hints to ourselves every day. We are great and we have to talk to
ourselves. It is never too late to regain the life.

Be confident and
accept ourselves bravely. If someone tells me: “You are so fat”, I
will say: “Don’t you know other words except fat? You are so ignorant ”

Success starts with
pretending: When learning a certain skill, try to pretend that you can do it
until you really do it. Everyone must know that he is special, everyone must
know that he is loved, we must communicate with ourselves more, find our own
shining points, and tell ourselves that I can.

When watching the show
mentioned above, there are many bulletins that will say: Japanese society is so
depressing , suffocating and so on. But in fact, the environment of many
countries in East Asia is very similar to Japan. In many respects, they are not
as open as European and American countries, but they often accept and
communicate with themselves and express themselves courageously should be a
psychological suggestion that all mankind should regard as a habit.

Samuel Whyte

A psychology enthusiast, interested in movies, painting,psychology, hiking, workout etc.

Speaks Chinese and English.

Currently lives in Shanghai, China.

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