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How does one know they’ve made the right choice in choosing a life partner?

When we were together for almost three years, my girlfriend always felt that I had no way of talking, couldn’t communicate with me, and talked hard. For a while, she didn’t even want to talk to me because she was too tired.

When they are familiar with each other like relatives, the two are very close. They should speak without scruples and speak freely, but they are often embarrassed that there is nothing to say.

For example, love to talk back, tit-for-tat, stalemate when you say it, and break up unhappily; what you have said is quickly forgotten, and if it is troublesome to say, it is for nothing; if there is no topic to talk, the first half of the sentence is just awkward. Wait a minute…

And a good partner, I think we should take the initiative to maintain the rhythm of life.

1. Take the other person to heart and listen to her carefully when speaking. Many times when my girlfriend gets angry, it means that I always forget what she said, the time and place that I have made, and finally ask it again, and even forget to go to the appointment. The girl does not want to repeat and remind, but wants to know whether you still value her in your heart, what you want is a sense of security. Boys need to know all the time.

2. Know how to establish a common hobby with each other, so that there will be a chat in the future.

My girlfriend is always worried about not chatting with me because we don’t have many common hobbies. She loves to sing, dance and watch Korean dramas. I love to play games and read books. How can we talk. So when we didn’t have to talk, we talked about each other’s childhood, and talked about the interesting and extraordinary things that happened in the time without each other… Later, we didn’t even have to talk about the past.

We developed a common hobby, playing chess together, reading detective novels, after reading the book, chatting about novels with each other. Even when there is not much to chat, I will recall the past, export the previous chat records, and take a look at the letters I wrote.

3. Know how to care for each other’s dreams and make progress together.

A good partner does not impose will and ideas. What you think she wants is not what she wants. This is the most terrible. Communicate more, be considerate, understand what her hobbies and dreams are, and encourage her to chase her dreams, even if it is far away, and don’t let her look like she hates her for life.
4. Can work hard to make money so that she doesn’t have to get up early for Living.

My girlfriend loves to sleep late, although I sometimes criticize her with a smile. After all, being able to sleep well is also a kind of happiness. If your partner can’t earn enough bread and let the other person only give love, then love will naturally be tied to the worldly shackles and become what you don’t want.

5. Even if he or she does not look good, he od she should be decent. Whether a man or a woman, the most basic vanity, or self-esteem, is there. Letting the other person be with you and feel decent is not only a kind of love for her, but also the least respect for yourself. Those who say that you love me should accept everything about me, including sloppy, I think it may be the reason for you to avoid changing your self-comfort. Pathetic and pathetic.
6. Keep up with the partner’s footsteps. Even if it doesn’t work, improve yourself with the help of the opponent and stand on the same starting line with her.

One lives with food and clothing and earns one hundred thousand a month, and it is difficult to maintain love between the two. Making money is only a means, and wealth is only a state, but behind it are two very different lives, and the differences in worldviews that result from it are difficult to merge, just like class is a gap that can never be crossed.

Samuel Whyte

A psychology enthusiast, interested in movies, painting,psychology, hiking, workout etc.

Speaks Chinese and English.

Currently lives in Shanghai, China.

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