How do you know someone’s true personality?

Small details of life, revealing your
personality that you may not know.
Details can talk.

There is a saying called “details
determine success or failure”. There must be countless reasons behind this
catchy sentence, but one of them must be:

Many details in our lives, such as
behavior, language, appearance, etc., will reveal our personality, way of
thinking, and even our attitude and pattern in life. More importantly, the
people we come into contact with around us often use these details to guess who
we are.

For examples:

1.         Shoes: What are the different
personality impressions that people who wear light-colored and simple shoes and
those who wear high-top shoes will leave on others?

2.         Selfie: Which angle do you
prefer when taking selfies? What style of selfie pictures do you like? What do
you show in your selfies? These elements will reflect your personality to a
certain extent.


The speed at which you eat, the food you
often eat, your walking posture, your speech and behavior, etc. These
inadvertent small movements are affecting how people will view us.

For instance, we can analyze the food we

When we meet a stranger for the first time,
if he or she says that likes to eat sweets, we will mentally assume that the
person is friendly and agreeable.

Let’s analyze it from the perspective of
selfies and expressions:

· People who take selfies from the bottom up, we often think that
this person is easy to approach and has a friendly personality.

·The background of the selfie is in your own private space. We often
think that this person is hardworking and conscientious.

·When selfies often have multiple expressions, express him (open to
new experience).

And sometimes the speed of eating is your attitude
towards life:

People who eat slowly, like to take control
of their own life, they also know how to appreciate life and are grateful for
every bit.

People who eat fast are ambitious and
goal-oriented. They like new things and experiences, but sometimes lack

There are also people who like to
distinguish different foods on the plate when eating (for example, if there are
carrots and beef in the rice bowl, they will distinguish both carrots and beef
on the two ends of the plate), and they pay great attention to details, very

About Punctuality:

1.         Perfectionist: Before going
out, They must be prepared for the preparations, and make sure everything is

2.         Crisis maker: They always start
to take actions before deadline.

3.         Defier: They hate rules,

4.         Dreamer: They are always
positive about being Punctuality.

About the postures of walking:

! Some people always think that people who
walk lightly or loosely are more outgoing and adventurous; people who walk more
restrained and small steps are more introverted or emotionally sensitive… But
psychologists believe that these are unreliable stereotypes.

! There is currently experimental support
in psychology and the only research related to walking posture shows that: a
person who has been mentally or psychologically traumatized, or a person with a
mental illness, has the ability to judge whether the person is also Has been
traumatized, or has the ability to be weak inside.

! Perhaps this is a tacit feeling. So we
ordinary people, don’t just look at other people’s walking posture and judge.

Know so many small details, SO WHAT? I
think there are two main points.

First, we have all seen that our intuitive
judgments on some details are correct, but many of our subjective judgments
based on details are wrong.

However, the “importance of
details” is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. After observing
some details, we often admire our strong attention and foolishly believe in our
own judgments.

People’s first impressions of strangers can
be formed in a few eyes and less than a few seconds, and they last for a long

Therefore, if you really want to read a
living person carefully, you must consider multiple details, and give the other
party, yourself, and give you some time and space. Under different circumstances
and occasions, learn more about him or her.

Samuel Whyte

A psychology enthusiast, interested in movies, painting,psychology, hiking, workout etc.

Speaks Chinese and English.

Currently lives in Shanghai, China.

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