What is the rudest thing you have ever seen someone do?

That day, I took a bus to the city. There were a lot of people on the bus. I was standing opposite a girl. The girl was sitting, but I was very close to her. She was playing with her mobile phone. I accidentally saw her turn on the camera. It was similar to the software for taking pictures. There were some special effects. At that time, I was still thinking about taking selfies when there were so many people The bus braked. When I saw her mobile page again, my expression of consternation and the spoof effect left it in her mobile phone. She quit the page immediately after shooting. After opening the social software and sending it to her friend, I would like to tell her if I can delete my photo ,But after a second thought, it was wrong for me to peek at other people’s mobile phones. I finally chose to be silent.

Samuel Whyte

A psychology enthusiast, interested in movies, painting,psychology, hiking, workout etc.

Speaks Chinese and English.

Currently lives in Shanghai, China.

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