What is the most romantic thing someone said or did to you?

The story of my grandparents 
Whenever I think of this story, I cry. 
Background: on New Year’s Eve, grandma’s legs are not very convenient and her walking is slow. For decades, she has been cutting vegetables on the small chopping board beside the bed, telling her grandfather to make them and bring them back. The old lady’s body is like the yellow leaves left on the tree in the autumn wind. It’s dangerous to carry a pot. On New Year’s Eve, the person carrying the pot didn’t show up at the door on time, “you old thing, what have you done?” “Old man, old man! Are you deaf? ” “Grandfather Jackie, grandfather Jackie! What are you doing? ” The person carrying the pot didn’t show up. After a while, grandma was angry. Why is the old man deaf? The earthwork used a few days ago!? Grandma hobbled away on crutches 
“Old man! Old man Originally, he fell in the courtyard, wet his pants, eyes frightening. 
“Father Jiezi! Jackie, Dad Grandma, leaning on crutches, went to call uncle. forget it!? This turn is really a burden. I’m not as good as climbing! Throw away the crutch, grandma climbed to my uncle’s house. My grandfather’s most successful decision in his life was probably to live opposite my uncle! 
Hospital emergency room: ambulance CT…… Infusion bottle 

In the courtyard: the old lady with inconvenient legs stays at the door and stays up late Worry about the old man wept bitterly .

The story begins: “Jackie Dad! I miss your dad! Let him come back! I’ve been at home for so many days. I can’t do without your father? ” My grandfather was hospitalized for nearly a month with cerebral thrombosis. Grandma at home is like a lost soul, she is afraid! She was afraid that she was not around, that the deaf old man could not eat well and sleep well, and that he would forget himself. 
My grandfather was paralyzed in bed for nearly five years. Although she was not in good health, she served him day and night. I don’t have the heart to let my children suffer and delay their work. The main reason is that I don’t trust to give my grandfather to others. You may not know how difficult it is for a hunchback old lady to serve a strong man. He can only move his right hand. He is paralyzed. He has to feed, wash his hair and cut his hair, wash his face and wipe his body, turn over and change his diaper Moreover, he is confused, only knows this old lady, his own children are often not clear. 
At the most difficult time, as soon as my mother or uncle came in, she found her sitting in front of a large basin of diapers and crying, “who’s going to help us! Who knows there are two old men here! How can you do that, old man! I won’t give you food next time! ” Grandma was crying and washing clothes with her old washboard 
“Mom, you forget he didn’t give you mutton when he was young!” “Poor at that time! No one is an old companion. Compared with you, your father is the most important to me. It was your father who accompanied me to the end. Even if he is stupid and paralyzed now, I still have a companion, don’t I? ” 

Yes, five years. My grandfather was taken good care of. Even if he was nearly paralyzed and his mind was not very bright, his cardiopulmonary function was still very sound. But Grandma’s back was more crooked and her hair was gray. 

Turning point of the story: on New Year’s Eve, it is said that we will feed the rice, but we can wait and wait Wait, wait “Old lady! old lady! I’m hungry, hungry! having dinner! Eat From evening till dark, the old man seemed to wake up. He didn’t know why, and suddenly he yelled, “help! Jackie dad, Jackie dad, your mom’s gone, your mom’s gone, Jackie dad, your mom’s in trouble 
In this way, hysterical cry, uncle happened to work at home, heard the cry, and appeared in time. 
Cerebral thrombosis, diabetic complications 
The day before New Year’s Eve, “I’m going home!” “Mom, do you want an injection now?” “Take it home to fight. Your father is at home. I’m not at ease.” “My sister’s husband is waiting on him! You don’t worry about her? She’s the best person to take care of people “Go home!” 
My uncle couldn’t beat grandma, so he took her out of the hospital and gave her infusion at home. 

Grandma’s family was a mess. The new year was very simple and warm. The last year, the old two can eat the same pot of dumplings


Climax of the story: grandma finally fell down because she was overworked. She and her grandfather’s bed are arranged side by side, and are taken care of by the children. She is weak and ill like a mountain. Soon death came to take her. We were in tears and couldn’t bear to see it. 
Five o’clock in the afternoon, “old lady, old lady! Jackie, let me see your mother Because grandma and grandfather are lying in bed, his bed is much lower, so he can’t see grandma at ordinary times. We brought them together. 
With the hand that was not paralyzed, the grandfather grasped her hand and said, “what’s the matter with you, old lady?” Grandma turned her head and said, “dead old man, the children are all here. You can’t hold my hand.” Grandma’s generation was feudal and conservative. I’m sorry to lie down like this. 
“It’s been half a year. I can’t see you easily. It’s nearly 90. What’s wrong with handshake “My grandfather held on to grandma, but grandma was always embarrassed to look at him. Grandma’s spirit is not very good, getting worse and worse. 
At half past five, my uncle decided to take my grandfather to his house. He couldn’t let him see him leave. My grandfather was confused and depended on her for fear that he would make a big fuss. 
“Dad, there is a leak in your bed. Let the children carry you to my house first.” This time, grandma finally turned her head slowly and watched him leave. He left and could not see himself leaving. Grandma was satisfied. Although I’m sorry, I can only let go. 
At 5:40, grandma left the world forever! 
The ending of the story: “Jackie Dad! Why don’t you send me back!? Hasn’t the house been repaired yet “I miss your mother. Is she OK at home?” “Son of a bitch, send me back to be drenched in the rain. I want to be with your mother, too.” “Nell, how’s your grandmother now? I’ll give it to your grandmother just now. She likes chicken stuffing.” “It’s dark. Please close the door for your mother, father Jiezi…” 
My grandfather spent a hundred days alone and in a trance from time to time. One hundred days later, my grandfather left too! 
My grandfather finally saw grandma. 

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