What are some of the most widely circulated fake pictures?

These are some widely circulated fake photos, and it is surprising !!!

This is a picture of an iceberg that appeared in the last century. It’s very beautiful, isn’t it? However, normal exposure is not likely to achieve this effect. It is a composite of four photos: sky, background, Antarctic iceberg (above water), Alaska iceberg (underwater).

The plane to the world trade center. In a widely circulated photo after 9 / 11, the man was photographed in the same frame as the plane that was about to hit the building on the observation platform of the world trade center. However, it was just a prank. This guy named Peter guzli, a Hungarian, put the plane in his picture in 1997. He had no idea how fast the virus spread on the Internet. 

I thought the above picture was true for a time, and I felt inexplicably surprised that there were such wonderful islands on earth. In fact, this is Molokini island in Hawaii, and there are no stars in the middle. 

The moon of Dubai yacht hotel. Many people are cheated by this photo. It’s very difficult for you to expose the distant moon and hotel at the same time. Both of them are fake. To properly expose, use multiple exposures.

This is a widely circulated photograph with the caption that Israeli soldiers shot a Palestinian boy in the heart, looking helplessly at the killer before he died. However, this is only a stilling of the 2012 film the kingdom of ants. 

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