What is the best life advice you would give?

1.The world is driven by people who go to bed early and get up early. 
2.When economic conditions permit, we must buy insurance. Insurance is the best tool to avoid risks. Few ordinary families can afford major accidents or diseases. 
3.Forget the word “network”. The essence of social intercourse is value exchange. If you don’t have the skills and resources to exchange with others, networking is just a smile 
4. If you remember the past, it’s not necessary to put down the past. Real put down, is to face the bloody reality, rather than to their own brainwashing to escape. 
5.Making money is the most efficient way to “protect” yourself and the people around you. 
6. Lovelorn is not terrible, it is just to pave the way for the arrival of true love. In the next few years, if you look back at the current tears, you will find that it is nothing. 
7.Economic independence is the foundation of Ideological and behavioral independence, and poverty alleviation is more important than poverty alleviation. 
8.The best way to kill procrastination is to do everything for three minutes. 
9. Don’t let your time be scattered every day. Fragmentation is the enemy of life and death of efficiency. Brush less circle of friends and less water group, because it will only waste your time. 
10. Don’t speak ill of people behind their backs. There is not only the risk of being spread, but also the people who listen to you think that you say the same thing about them behind their backs. 
11.The most efficient way to change yourself is to do what you fear. 
12. Inaction is more terrible than failure. Do what you are afraid of, and you will find that it is not so. 
13.To read a man, read his actions, not his words. 
14. Don’t always envy other people’s life. Many bright and beautiful people cry in the dark at night. You have a good life. 
15. Don’t lower your living standard in order to save money. Bargains will be great when you buy them, but they will bring you many regrets and discomfort in the next few years. And the expensive thing may buy the moment will be distressed, but you use a few years will be cool years. , 
16.There is no such thing as empathy in the world. If you have not experienced my pain, don’t judge me casually.
17. Don’t be nervous in public. Everyone is very busy. They pay more attention to their mobile phones than to you. So, relax and be natural. You don’t have any audience. 
18.Adhere to the exercise, three meals rule, investment in their health is always the most cost-effective, now many people have small problems, shoulder soreness, skin laxity, three high, adhere to exercise for a year, help your future save tens of thousands of yuan to see a doctor. 
19.Don’t talk to others until it’s done. Don’t say you’re wrong until you know the full picture. 
20.Change the state of laziness, and you can change the state of life. Life, friendship, love and affection, the more diligent you manage, the better these four things will become. 
21.Skin and maintenance, both men and women need it, if you don’t want to look like 50 at 30. 
22.The definition of “real growth” is not that you have caught a fish, but that you have learned how to fish, what bait to use, what fishing rod to use, and how to see the weather and wind direction. 
23. To see a person’s achievements is not to see how rich he is, but how much breakthrough he has made on the basis of his original family. 
24. Positive energy can pry your setbacks. For a person who is continuously positive, failure must be temporary, but success is inevitable. 
25.Learn to change. If you change the environment occasionally, you will find places where the air is fresher. If you change sports, you will find more interesting items. Squatting in the comfort zone of the frog, is very easy to cook, often flying eagle, vision is particularly open. 

Samuel Whyte

A psychology enthusiast, interested in movies, painting,psychology, hiking, workout etc.

Speaks Chinese and English.

Currently lives in Shanghai, China.

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