We all need a friend to interrupt at any time

In this world, who can you disturb at any time? Is he still with you now? 
Is there a person, you and he nagging, he does not hate you; you encounter problems, he can help you; you have grievances, he stands on your side unconditionally? 
Once upon a time, the confidant around me, the one who can joke and don’t worry about each other’s turn over, is still there? 
Some feelings are not lost to time, not to tribulation, but to pressure. 
Want to contact, but afraid to disturb. When did you begin to become a stranger who was afraid to disturb from a confidant? When did it start, from being the only one to being afraid of being redundant? 
After marriage, or after having children? From our busy work to the dark, or from our busy entertainment to home in the middle of the night? 
Some feelings are not because we can’t share weal and woe, but because we are too busy with each other. We are all under pressure and don’t want to add trouble to each other’s trivial matters 
Don’t know when to start, we learned, but smile. When people ask you if you are tired, we will smile and say, “OK.” But in fact, I really want to hold each other and cry, and tell him, “I’m not good.” 
“I’m not good. I want to be exposed. I want to be weak.” Made up the information, but hastily withdraw, because I know that you are as tired as I am. Sometimes, not only to family members, but also to friends and confidants. 
Most of the time, when thorns appear, we are not unable to survive, but are too lonely in the process. We want to find someone to accompany us for a while, even the moment of embracing is enough. 
The sweetest language in the world is not “take a rest when you are tired”, not “don’t forget to eat when you are hungry”, but “remember to have me at the worst time”. 
We all need a friend who can disturb you at any time. He doesn’t care whether you have wealth or status, and doesn’t get close to you because of the amount of interests. If you like, you will like it. If you are comfortable, you will care. Friends who can disturb you at any time, you don’t have to please anyone. You can really be yourself without wearing a mask or smiling face. 
I have seen such a sentence, “your happiness has always been without the audience, and I hope that your innocence can be really understood.” Is there such a person in this world? Can you see through your disguise, understand your kindness, can pass through your edge and touch your weakness? If there is, it must be a feeling that is hard to change. 

True friendship, do not need hypocrisy, not so much courtesy, there will be no doubt, no calculation. For the rest of our lives, I hope that we can all be our own eaves, get up when we fall down, and we all have the opportunity to be someone else’s umbrella and have a friend who can be disturbed at any time. 

Samuel Whyte

A psychology enthusiast, interested in movies, painting,psychology, hiking, workout etc.

Speaks Chinese and English.

Currently lives in Shanghai, China.

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