What was the best relationship advice you ever got?

Look at the following ten, can give you some direction, 100% perfect relationship can not be guaranteed, but a pleasant, relaxed relationship must be no problem.
1. Boys, like girls, need to be cared for.
  Love requires the participation of two people and the joint efforts of two people. If one person tries to be the dominant party, the relationship will fall apart sooner or later. In a relationship, you should not want him to sacrifice, but a compromise between two people.Sense of security, girls can also give it to boys, because boys are sometimes very timid.
2. To fall in love is not to find a tool person to do things for you.
  I always feel that after I fall in love, I don’t have to do any hard work, and I will leave it to him to do what I can’t do. Many people think so. I used to think that a good male friend should be super capable and should do a lot of things for me. (now I think this idea is very selfish.).
  Therefore, when you fall in love, you must know that you are in love, not looking for someone to do drudgery.
3. Don’t make him feel too much pressure to like him.
He is not allowed to chat with any friends of the opposite sex. In fact, I will chat with the opposite sex myself, joke with them, and have friends of the opposite sex friends. 
In short, the possessiveness is not too strong, too much bondage 
will only make the other party more depressed. Sometimes the tighter you hold, the 
easier it is to lose.
4. Love needs a sense of ritual, but not everywhere.
  There are many kinds of small rituals for love, which are entirely up to you. Some small actions may light up the day! 
Focus on a little bit of “second back”. I thought he only valued me when he was back in seconds .In fact, I can not guarantee that every second back to him, why use “second back” to bind him? If your boyfriend gets back to you in a second, it can only mean that he is playing with his cell phone. 

5. You can make a promise, but you must do it on the premise that you can do it.
Like planning and his future, but also always make some promises, for example, must chat for an hour every day, must see once a week and so on, in fact, this kind of thing is very difficult to do, sometimes lack of energy, sometimes there are other things involved.
   In fact, when it is found that the promise can not be fulfilled, it will more or less 
affect the trust in each other.Whether boys or girls, promises can not be made casually, must be under the conditions that they can do it.

6. The lower the frequency of to show love, the better.
Personally, I think that “show love, die quickly” is not unreasonable.Show others that you are very happy, you are very harmonious, and gradually you will be bound by this impression and feel that your love is flawless.
However, love will always encounter all kinds of contradictions, if only rely on 
the image of love in the hearts of others to solve the problem, then it is really difficult to go on.

7. No matter how angry you are, you must not be impulsive, and you must not say 
anything stupid.
When you are angry, you can say anything and complain about what is wrong.Although I made up later and admitted my mistake, I always felt very strange in my heart. I think it was probably because there were some cracks, and no amount of “sorry” could make up for it.Especially when you are angry and impulsive, you might as well stop and think about it and say what you want to say.

Most of the time, it is possible that an irreparable gap arises in one of your words.

8. Don’t threaten each other with a breakup! (very important).
It seems that every answer will write this, but it is difficult to do it. I understood 
this a long time ago, but when I quarrel, I really have the mentality of trying to show 
that I have more right to speak than he does.In fact, since we have chosen to be together, we should treat this relationship well.
If you really want to separate, but obviously you still love, but still want to use 

“break up” as a bargaining chip, you may only be sad in the end.

9. Don’t easily compare him with other boys.
In fact, this is like a boy always leaving ahead of schedule, his inappropriate 
comparison will cause pressure and even pain to you, in fact, if you do so, he will also.

Everyone has self-esteem. You are in love with him, not with any other boy.

10. Learn to accept mediocrity.
In love, there are not only warm stages, but also plain and simple periods.Life is not full of flowers and kisses, there are pots and pans, feelings will gradually fade, the important thing is to accept, not to escape.Besides love, there is a life between you and him.
To sum up, a harmonious relationship is inseparable from empathy and understanding

Samuel Whyte

A psychology enthusiast, interested in movies, painting,psychology, hiking, workout etc.

Speaks Chinese and English.

Currently lives in Shanghai, China.

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