How do you know when someone really loves you?

Let’s listen to another story from Exupery’s The Little Prince:
The little prince lived on a little planet, and one day a rose suddenly bloomed on the planet.It was the most beautiful flower the little prince had ever seen, and he took good care of it every day.He thought it was the only rose in the universe, more beautiful than all the others.Then one day he came to earth and found that in one garden alone there were 5,000 roses that were almost exactly the same.At that moment he knew that all he had was a common flower.This discovery made the little prince very sad.But in spite of this, I do not know why, his heart still can not put their own rose.Until one day a little fox said to him:
“It is the time and effort you have put into making your rose beautiful.”
Then the little prince understood:
Though there are countless roses in the world, the one on his planet is still unique.
Because he had watered her, he had protected her, he had spoken with her, he had been silent with her… So she is his unique rose.
In the same way, there are more humans on earth than there are stars in the sky than there are grains of sand in the Ganges.
Ask yourself:
Which one of us is not an ordinary member of a million human beings?
Which one of us doesn’t love just one common rose among thousands?
The reason why the rose in our hands stands out is not how brilliant the rose itself, but because we put all our eyes into the rose.
What makes the one we love special is not how attractive he or she is, but how we give him or her all our affection.
2.If someone tells you he fell in love with a girl in a few seconds. All you have to do is ask him, “will you die for that girl in a few seconds?” “he certainly doesn’t want to, just as we don’t want to die for our favorite star. Because in a few seconds, it is impossible to fall in love with a person. Of course, so do women. 
3.So how did he fall in love with that girl? The situation is as follows: after meeting, he thought about it all the time, even thinking about it all the time. So his thoughts for a day, in addition to sleeping, may last as long as 16 hours. Another man who also likes the girl may miss it for only an hour a day. Let’s assume that it takes 160 hours to fall in love with someone: the former takes only 10 days, while the latter takes 160 days. This is the truth of love at first sight.  the so-called love at first sight: refers to the first time two people meet to stimulate hormone secretion, love each other, it still takes time to make love. In a certain period of time: if both sides pay, it will give birth to love. If only one party pays, it will only give birth to single lovesickness. If neither side pays, it will give birth to friendship at best. So, if you don’t pay enough, not to mention a few seconds, even if you know someone for a century, you can’t fall in love with someone.    
4.Missing is a person’s emotional pay.Of course, there are many kinds of giving:time, money, companionship, energy, etc.But in the final analysis, all efforts will exert a subtle influence over time and eventually become emotional ones.Because that period of time paid, has quietly formed good memories, into your blood, transformed into a part of your life.
Once upon a time a daughter asked her father how to make the boy she liked like her.
The father replied, “Let him buy you an ice cream.”
The daughter asked, “and then what?”
The father replied, “Let him buy another one.”
Of course, what we are talking about here is only methodology, and specific situations should be dealt with concretely. Different people need to use different skills, so don’t copy them mechanically.
In a word, the ultimate method of mind is one sentence:
When you give, you should also guide the other person to pay for you.
This father is a master of human nature and is well versed in the Franklin effect.
Because the boy’s behavior of buying ice cream seems simple, but it is undoubtedly a kind of imperceptible giving.
He would think:What kind of ice cream does the girl like to eat? Strawberry or milk? Big one or small one? This one or the other?
Invisible, the boy devoted time, money and energy to the girl.Gradually, the boy will ask himself, why should I buy her ice cream?Because she is lovely, sensible, sweet laughter and so on, even if this girl is useless to outsiders, we can rest assured.In any case, the boy will find a hundred reasons to convince himself.
You might ask:Why are boys so stupid?In fact, not only this boy, human nature itself is so stupid.
Finally, I want to tell you: the so-called love, is the sum of what you give to a person.

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