Secret of love

1. It’s not age that gets you married, it’s love.

2. Always keep 20% mystery. The unreserved woman, like a movie that has been shown through the drama, has extinguished the idea of letting men see the ending.

3. The boy who will give you reason is more valuable than the boy who can only coax you. The former hopes to join hands with you to create the future; the latter may just be afraid of your anger.

4. Don’t try to change each other, but subtly influence each other in the daily run-in. You can’t bear his decadence, then you self-discipline and diligence every day, with action infected him.

5. Girls’ independent personality is always the medicine to maintain charm, and I understand that independence is the limit in love – dare to rely on, dare to be independent.

6. Three values in the relationship: family values, values, and sexual values. If the three views do not agree, other conditions are good to persuade points.

7. Trust is the knack of maintaining emotions, and suspicion is the shortcut to destroy them. 

8. The real love should be those things that are not easy to do, such as every effort to put on the wedding ring for you, to fulfill every promise with heart, to help you cover the quilt that has been kicked out in the night, which is tedious and easy to give up in the eyes of ordinary people .

9. Many girls think that if you keep a close eye on your boyfriend, you will never leave yourself. It’s not. How much he likes you depends on what you do.

10. Two people together, must maintain the common progress. When your horizons are high, it’s time to count down.

People who often feel love will unconsciously give love to others. They may kiss your lips secretly at night, slow down to wait for granny to cross the road, or feed stray cats and dogs .Have you learned any of these relationship tips?

Samuel Whyte

A psychology enthusiast, interested in movies, painting,psychology, hiking, workout etc.

Speaks Chinese and English.

Currently lives in Shanghai, China.

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