Overcome social anxiety

Reduce self focus: if in a social situation, due to excessive self-care and neglect other people and things in the social situation, then the social intercourse is meaningless. Self focus will make all the attention projected on yourself, anxiety will be magnified, and the spirit will be more nervous. Only by reducing self focus, diverting attention, and finging more interesting things in social occasions, you will become more natural and relaxed.
Change the mode of thinking: the fear of social anxiety mainly comes from other people’s views on themselves. To overcome this fear, the first thing is to change the mode of thinking. First of all, stop creating dangerous thoughts and images in your mind. The things you fear most are almost impossible to happen, and even if they happen, they will not cause the disastrous consequences you imagine. Try to look at social situations with curiosity and open mindedness, and you’ll find that your imaginary danger doesn’t exist, and people are far more friendly and lovely than you think. 
Change the behavior pattern: the behavior will directly cause the result to produce. When anxiety occurs,social anxiety people will protect themselves with safe behavior, and this avoidant behavior can send anxiety into an endless downward spiral. Changing behavior patterns is giving up safe behavior. When anxiety comes, try to face it head-on and explore it. What are you really afraid of? Is it really so terrible? Only by looking directly into your heart, deeply exploring the root causes, practicing distraction, stopping the one-sided thinking pattern, and making changes step by step with actions, can you break the illusion and completely overcome the anxiety cycle.
In fact, every one of us is not a perfect individual, your weakness that you feel upset about may also exist in others, your anxiety may be just ight in others.Life only once,  time should be spent on things and people that are worth it. You’re not here to deal with anxiety, which can be so destructive and cause you to miss out on so many opportunities that it can affect your relationships, job, friendships, and even relationships. Life and the world are so vast, and there are so many things worth doing. It is rather immature to let yourself spend all your time and energy in feeling regretful and self-pitying because you care about the eyes of others or because of a bad mood.Others are wonderful, and so are you. Don’t let your anxiety overshadow your own merits and light. Live your life in a way that respects your heart and thoughts. Build up your confidence, say what you want to say, know who you want to know,and jump out of the thinking of Shaanxi pass. Only in this way can we feel the more beautiful things from social intercourse and life .
Finally,If you do not believe in yourself ,no one will do it.worried about what others will think ,you will never be happy.

Samuel Whyte

A psychology enthusiast, interested in movies, painting,psychology, hiking, workout etc.

Speaks Chinese and English.

Currently lives in Shanghai, China.

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