What Kind of Man Never Cheats on His Wife?

“ Don’t Smile At Me And Make Me Feel Like You Belong Me.”
Time is too precious in modern times, and people are too smart nowadays. Three sentences to say miss you, two sentences to say like you, one sentence to say love you, seven days not to catch up with you, then goodbye with you.
You don’t need to know your birthday, you don’t need to know what you like, he likes it when you have a face and a body.
A paragraph in the left hand, a love message in the right hand, tapping on a different chat box sending the same message
We’re going through an era of quick love and fast food marriages, separating faster and faster, not having enough time and patience to get to know someone
There’s even less time to forgive and wait for someone 
I used to know a guy who dated three girlfriends at the same time, before and after a month of breaking up with his ex-girlfriend.
But when he told us, we shot him a dirty look, and before we could speak, the boy spoke first: “Don’t say me Scum, every one of them I love with all my heart.”
Saying that there isn’t a man in the world who doesn’t cheat is so extreme that I don’t believe it.
So I did a lot of market research and collected a lot of online data and finally found these men who will never cheat.


Boys Who Are Self-Accepting
The connection between infidelity and love, and sex, is not as great as we think. 
He can’t accept a flawed, uncomfortable life as it is and will want to change it.
If a man can get over his obsession with “feelings” and accept that life isn’t good enough, he doesn’t need to cheat on his wife to soothe it. Inner Stress. He’ll accept deficiencies and solve problems in a more effective way
However, when choosing a partner, external traits are often more important, such as career status, financial status, personality tendencies, etc., but “self-acceptance” is rarely included in the criteria. 
To see how self-accepting a man is, you can observe what happens when he gets frustrated.
If he gets angry and blames others for his negative feelings, but doesn’t want to acknowledge them, he is still in a more primitive “competitive” state.
If he is willing to admit defeat and deal with problems relatively calmly despite his frustration and complaints, he is relatively mentally mature. The higher the degree of self-acceptance, the broader the pattern and broad-mindedness.


A Man Who is Content.
Many men, after marriage, gradually on the wife of a lot of dissatisfaction, dislike her character is not gentle enough, cooking is not good enough, not slim enough body. So when they are tempted by the outside world of women, always take these dissatisfaction as a reason to cheat, to reduce their psychological burden, self- The hypnosis is the wife’ s not good enough for him to go out and cheat on her.
A contented man is a different story. 
They know their wife is not gentle, but she is humble and filial to her in-laws.
She’s not a good enough cook, but she’ll prepare a hot meal for him when she’s also tired from working herself
She wasn’t slim enough, but she took care of the house and was very supportive of him for years.
They miss their wives’ contributions to themselves and to the family, and without her they would not be where they are today, so they don’t give themselves excuses to cheat and be ungrateful villains.


A Man With Responsibility
Responsible men who know that men and women are equal and know what is the right thing to do.
A marriage certificate is not only proof of love to the depths, but also mutual restraint and respect. Even if it really can’t go on, he will not choose to cheat on his wife, which is the minimum respect for women.
(Here’s the real boy who will never cheat)


Lazy Man
It’s just lazy as a pig of a man, because having an affair is really physical work, and can you not get tired of dealing with two women at the same time?
And, most men will play extramarital affairs because of the accumulation of lies and become more and more tired, and in the face of those young and beautiful women, they will go out to play a while to go shopping and eat… This physical activity in the eyes of many lazy men is just a kind of torture. They’re not going to back down from a girl like that. They’re going to stay home and live with his wife.
The point is, a man like that has to have a woman on the outside like him which the man could cheat on his wife.


Paralyzed Man.
As the name implies, transverse lesions occur at higher levels of the spinal cord. In medicine, paraplegia due to transverse lesions in the spinal cord above the second thoracic vertebra is generally referred to as high level paraplegia, and spinal cord injuries below the third thoracic vertebrae The resulting paraplegia is called lower body paraplegia. High paraplegia usually results in quadriplegia, otherwise the same as lower limb paraplegia
The premise of infidelity is to “go out.”
A man can’t even get out, so cheating isn’t going to happen.


Blind Man
Blindness, known as blindness or eye-blindness in Chinese medicine, is described in the Difficult Sutra – Twenty Difficulties: “Those who have de-integrated yin are blind.’ There are more causes, both congenital and acquired. Any serious internal or external obstruction of the eye and trauma, etc., can cause blindness. Any pathology that has a tendency to cause blindness should be actively treated
And double blindness, that is, blindness in both eyes.
Most men cheat because they see a woman who is more beautiful than the current one, so the focus is on the “look.” 
And if a man can’t see it, then you won’t cheat.
 There are two ways to find a man who won’t cheat on you: either you get lucky and meet a good guy, or you take your time and cultivate it later.
The former is obviously unlikely, so you might as well figure out how to keep the one he has around.
If the one next to you wants to cheat on you, why not consider this: broken legs, blindness, deafness, paralysis …
If you lust for someone, that’s called liking; if you hold back your desire for someone, that’s called love.

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