How do you know if you’re in love?

Ever since you met him, you became concerned about the little things, you started to get nervous a lot, you started to feel like everything was new again, you Or even start involuntarily doing things that seem funny to others. Even so, you feel pretty good, because nothing is more important than him. Well, congratulations on falling in love!

A lot of my friends often tell me in the background that I’m not sure if that’s love or not, I’m not sure how I feel about him, and today I am sharing with you 23 little signs of falling in love with each other.

My thought is full of him

You will always think about him even you are eating dinner with your family, you will fantasize about your future marriage, or maybe you haven’t even started yet, and your world is already full of him.

I like spending time with him in my free time


All your previous interests are thrown aside, and after falling in love with someone, being with them becomes your biggest hobby.

Every little thing reminds you of him


It doesn’t matter if you’re listening to music or watching a movie, you feel a lot different after falling in love with someone.

I don’t mind making a sacrifice for him


Because of your preference for him, you’re willing to go to a lot of things for him, you’re willing to watch football games with him, watch horror movies with him, soak up the comic book store with him on the weekends, etc….

While you were out shopping


The things he liked were always very visible.

You always know which gifts he really needs.

When he calls you, you’ll be overjoyed


The moment the call comes through, you sincerely hope the call never hangs up and keeps on boiling.

Your friends are afraid to hear you talk about him


Because you simply can’t stop.

The others can barely get into your head


You’re not even aware that anyone else exists.

You’ll think about him before you think about yourself

If he’s happy and happy, you’re happy and happy!

You think you’re addicted to him


Leaving him makes you feel like you have nowhere to go inside….

The thing that was bothering you

When it comes to him, you don’t get angry.

Things have turned out this way and you don’t care one bit about yourself, even if you think it’s cute….

No one is more important than him


Now you can even forget your ex’s name right away….

The most mundane things
Once he’s in the mix, it gets interesting

Even buying a new mattress with him, you thought it was the most fun thing you’d do today….

You’re worried about screwing things up


Because if he sees it, it is really bad for you….

For you ,sexy is intimacy, not just sport


Touch can even make you happy….

Some love songs are not like an antique anymore

You’ll even sing these songs and love them with all your heart….

If there are some fresh news,
You want to be the first to tell him


Maybe you’ll even teach your pet a new skill and be the first to share it with him….

You’ll have him in your plans


Vacations, dinners, shopping, etc… He’s in charge of almost every plan.

As long as I’m with him.
You’ll feel all the things are right


Even if that turns out to be wrong….

You’d do it for them.
Go try new things


Gliding, diving, etc….

You can really feel his joys and sorrows


He cries you’ll cry along, he laughs you’ll laugh along….

Once he’s gone, you’ll miss him


Even when he just gets in the car, he gets a message from you….

Except him,
there’s no one you want to be with


You would cancel plans and parties with family and friends just to go see him….

Samuel Whyte

A psychology enthusiast, interested in movies, painting,psychology, hiking, workout etc.

Speaks Chinese and English.

Currently lives in Shanghai, China.

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